Use the information in this blog at your own risk. Observe all warnings and cautions. DO NOT work on live circuits. All opinions concerning quality of manufacture of varies makes and models are my own. The information contained in this blog is based on fifteen years experience performing refrigerator repairs. The are no repair procedures that require expensive refrigeration tools such as manifold guages. Neither are there procedures concerning breaking the sealed freon system to take pressure readings, recover freon, or to charge the system. These procedures require a licensed and certified professional technician. Refrigerant ( generically called freon ) is a hazardous chemical that can injure or kill. Working with refrigerants requires experience and an EPA certification. THE AUTHOR CAN ASSUME NO RESPONSIBLITY FOR DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT OR PERSONAL INJURY RESULTING FROM THE USE OR MISUSE OF THE INFORMATION IN THIS BLOG.  


4 responses to “About

  1. Cool site mate, very interesting reading you have on here 🙂
    I’m currently fixing our fridge, clogged condenser coils and a bad thermostat switch, condenser coils now squeaky clean and a replacement stat is on order 🙂
    Keep up the good work, if you’d like a before/after photo of my cleanup operation, let me know, it’s a good goggle!

  2. trevorastin

    what is a d x coil

    • fridgeman

      A dx coil is a direct expansion coil fed by a distributor rather than a capillary tube. It is used in central air conditioning coils and commercial refrigeration, but rarely if ever in domestic refrigerators (in the U.S.)

  3. alan

    Have a cold control that seems bad. No setting turns on the compressor, but pulling it out and hot wiring the leads turns on the compressor. Are cold controls interchangeable — in other words if we get another 25ov 6a 50/60 hz will it work or do we need to find the same changheng group part?

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